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Polio incubation

The children will be paralyzed by polio viruses. Can be infected by infectious grease and dirt infection.
The incubation period of poliomyelitis is 6-20 days. The Polio Poliomyelitis is correct.
The course of the disease is as follows: After the incubation period put sore throat, fever, fatigue and often vomiting and diarrhea On.
With approximately 10% of patients the central nervous system is affected and there is a meningitis.
In about 1% of patients, the worst form of child paralysis A. It can cause paralysis on the whole body come.
The palsy may be fatal. Through the Nationwide vaccination is polio in Germany no longer an issue. The last case reported was established in 1990.

Polio Incubation period: 6-20 days.


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