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Pfeiffer glandular fever incubation period

The Pfeiffer glandular fever is also known as glandular fever Pfeiffersches means.
The transfer of Pfeiffer glandular fever carried by droplet infection or saliva.
The incubation period is 4-7 with adult weeks. In children, the incubation period of glandular fever Pfeiffersches shorter.
The incubation period is for children 7-30 days. Who's at Pfeiffer glandular fever must first ill with similar symptoms as with a flu expected.
Additionally swell the lymph nodes of patients. An additional sore throat or tonsillitis often comes before.
There are also many other symptoms which are not mentioned. The pathogen of Pfeiffer glandular fever called Epstein-Barr virus.

Pfeiffer glandular fever incubation period: 4-7 weeks for adults, 7-30 days for children.


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